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Following the Government's latest guidelines, I am avoiding face to face meetings with customers, to help contain the spread of the virus. 
Apart from that, it is very much business as usual and I can be contacted by email or telephone should you have any questions or wish to discuss a project. 
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Resilience and Stress Prevention 

The need to build a resilient workforce and prevent stress is a major concern for most companies. Increased creativity, better performance and a reduction of lost days due to work related stress are just a few of the benefits 
Many companies have a Stress Strategy in place, although they mostly tend to be reactive. There may be a helpline to call, or someone that you can talk to when feeling under pressure or stressed and these are to be applauded.  However, very few companies have a proactive stress strategy 
One of the problems with reactive stress strategy is that it relies on a couple of assumptions that people: 
Know when they are stressed 
Are able to admit they are stressed 
Know who to talk to 
Are Comfortable talking to a stranger 
At Stress Boffin, we believe that stress prevention and building resilience go hand in hand, which is why our workshops cover both aspects, ensuring that the attendees have all the tools they need to have a happier and more productive life. 

What we do 

Corporate Workshops 

Corporate Workshops 

During the workshops the attendees practice a number of Mindfulness exercises as well as some useful NLP techniques for re-thinking stress, dealing with conflict and enhancing communication. 

Conference Speaking 

Conference Speaking 

An hour long interactive presentation suitable for conferences and training days, giving the attendees valuable techniques and exercises to prevent stress and build resilience. 

About the Stress Boffin 

After studying body language, psychology, NLP, hypnosis and a host of other techniques, Alex Crow now travels all over the world performing and training.  Over the past few years Alex has become more and more interested in developing resilience and how to prevent and minimise the effects of stress.  So, he put together series of workshops and Stress Boffin was born! 
How many days of sickness does your company lose through stress and a lack of resilience? 
This is why at Stress boffin, we believe that a proactive stress and resilience strategy is essential in any business. This involves giving people techniques that they can use to de-stress (often mindfulness based) build resilience, create an “anchor” to help them when stressed and also powerful re-framing ideas that can turn around the way they deal with their everyday challenges. 
“I am glad to share that everyone has given me a positive feedback. 
They all are really relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed the session. When they see me they only speak about the session and what they have learned yesterday. It was really helpful.” 
Krishna Preethy GSPlus 

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