Progressive Muscle Relaxation 

This is a great exercise to do whenever you are feeling stressed or tense. If you have trouble getting off to sleep at night, then this may be worth trying to help you to relax and switch off. Thing is, it can be quite difficult to really relax - our muscles hold tension, especially when we are stressed and this exercsie is a good way of becoming aware of where the tensions are in your body and how to release that tension. 

The Exercise 

Begin by laying down (you can also do this sitting in a chair if you prefer). You are going to take each muscle group and tense them for a couple of seconds before letting go, realxing them completely. Start with the feet, curl your toes and tense the feet as much as you can and then....let go, completely relaxing them. Then onto the calf muscles, the thighs and all the way up the body. When you get to the head, take the jaw, cheeks, eyes, forehead separately, each time tensing them up before relaxing. One thing to watch out for is that you keep the muscles you have already relaxed still in that state and not to tense them back up as you go through the body. At the end you ashould be completely relaxed, ready to go to sleep, start your day or meet any challenges that come your way. 
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