Hand massage 

It seems ridiculous how something as simple as giving yourself a hand massage can help lower your stress levels. But this is something that a lot of people have found very useful. There are two main benefits of giving yourself a hand massage. The first is that as humans we respond to touch. Since the time we were born we have been calmed by the touch of another, whether that be your mother stroking your head when you were feeling ill as a child or the hug from a loved one when we are feeling down. There is something about that human connection which makes us feel good. If you have ever seen anyone in the depths of despair or extremely overwrought, you may have noticed them holding their heads in their hands or hugging themselves as if subconsciously this is going to make them feel better.  
So, by giving youself a hand massage is like giving yourself a little hug and although you are doing it to yourself, it will neverthless be comforting and could help you feel better. It is also quite a discreet motion that you can do without drawing too much attention to what you are doing. The other reason why a hand massage can be useful if you are feeling stressed is that you can use it as a signal so take a breath and stop before you make that instinctive response that you might regret later. So often we react in a certain way because it is something we have always done, but if we examined our actions dispassionately we might realise that we could act in a more productive way. The hand massage could be used as a signal to slow down, take a couple of minutes out and reason what is really happening, what is the best way for us to respond, whether it is better to walk away or what to say next. 
No need for essential oils, no special techniques needed. Simply rub your hands, paying particular attention to your palms and fingers. Take your time, enjoy the feel and the relaxation of tension in your hands as you massage the joints and bones. A five minute hand massage will do wonders for your stress levels - give it a go, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain :-) 
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