As humans we crave order. Although we like to think we don't, generally we do. One of the worries during the lockdown is that children are not having the discpline of structured classes and while not having anything to do for a couple of days can be great, it soon gets "old". During the Covid crisis many people have been furloughed and the lack of a structured day will be contributing to their stress levels. Without a structure to the day we can be inclined to just drift along and before we know it another week has gone past and we haven't achieved anything and are just wasting our days... 
Why not do something useful with your days? This a great time to start a new hobby or brush up on a long lost skill. Wouldn't it br fantastic to come out of this very difficult period with a new talent (apart from our knowledge of Zoom!)? The key is to give yourself a schedule. By writing down what you are going to do for the day/week you give yourself structure and this is good for the stress levels. You can build flexibility into it - after all if you are not doing anthing to do with work you should have fun and enjoy your enforced downtime.  
It's up to you how rigid you make your schedule. For some people it will feel right to timetable every activity, putting in lunch breaks etc, but for others, just a general outline of what you want to do for the day is all that is needed. There is a real feeling of achievement in ticking off all the things you have done. It is also good to look back on to see how far you have come (somthing I'll be talking about in another blog) 
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