For day two of my quick stress tips I thought I would share a way to instantly de-stress... 

Square breathing 

This is a fantastic exercise that can help any time you feel that everything is getting on top of you.This is also good to use if you tend to react instantly and instinctively to something that happens, as it gives you a few minutes before you react, allowing you to see more positive and productive ways of responding. 
This exercise is very easy. Simply breathe in for the count of four, hold the breath for the count of four, exhale for the count of four and then hold the exhale for the count of four. This is one cycle. Now carry on with this breathing pattern for as long as necessary. The benefit of square breathing is that it slows down your breathing and this will affect your pulse rate, which will also slow down if it is racing and generally you will start to feel calmer and more in control. 
So, if you are feeling stressed, anxious, angry or indeed any negative emotion, find a quiet spot (ideally way from others) and take a few breaths using the square breathing and, while you are doing that, give yourself a moment to think of the best response to whatever is happening. Try to take the the emotion out of it and examine it dispassionately. This is something I'm going to cover in another tip but for now, think about why you are getting so stressed, whether that feeling is helpful and if not (it rarely is) what a better response would be. 
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