A cup of tea... 

There is nothing quite like a cup of tea. Very English I know, but incredibly, the simple act of having a cup of tea can reduce your stress levels. Research run by psychologists at City University, London found that drinking tea has a marked effect on stress levels. Check out the facinating report here, reported in Medical News Today. To my mind there are a few benefits in having a cup of tea when you are feeling stressed: first it allows you to stop for a couple of minutes and calm down, perhaps allowing you to decide on the best way to respond to a situation. So many times we act instinctively and this is not always the most productive thing. How many times have you thought about a situation afterwards and thought about a better way that you could have acted? 
Secondly, if you make a point of sitting down with the tea, it enforces a "tea break". A time to stop what you are doing for a short while, relax and take stock, before getting back to the job in hand. 
You could also use having a cup of tea as a means of doing something "mindfully". Instead of just slurping it down, take time, make it almost a ceremony. Becoming aware of the heat generating off of the boiling water, the sound the water makes as it is poured into the pot, the steam coming out of the teapot, the smell of the leaves as the tea begins to brew, the rich colour of the tea as it is poured into the cup, the sound the spoon makes as you stir the tea and, finally, the clean taste of the tea. Whilst doing this, become fully focussed on the task of making the tea, putting all other thoughts to the side, becoming truly present in the moment. And, if your mind starts to wander, thinking about problems in the past or future, getting distracted by outside noises, simply bring the focus back to the tea. This mindful practice is a great way to become more present and is great for lowering stress levels. 
Try and bring this into your daily schedule 
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