Looking out of a window 

Bit of a strange one today - try looking out of a window when you are feeling stressed. There are several reasons why this can be good for lowering our stress levels. Firstly it reminds us that there is a world out there ready to be explored and enjoyed. Sometimes when we are going through challenging times, our minds are so wrapped up in our problems and worries that we lose perspective and by looking outside reminds us that the world is still carrying on despite everything that we are going through. 
When you are looking out of the window, empty your mind of any other thoughts - be mindful, just be fully focussed on what you can see. They say that the more you look the more you see and this is certainly true. Even the plainest scene will have many things happening if you take the time to look. I remember a scene from the great film American Beauty when all that is happening is a piece of paper is blowing about down a street, but there was something beautiful about it, almost as if the paper was doing a little dance. It was fascinating and I'm sure if you looked out of your window now and really looked you would be amazed at what you can see. The key is to do this mindfully. And if your mind starts to wander, thinking about the past, the future or any of the thousands of thoughts that fill our heads everyday, simply ackowledge that and bring your mind back to looking out of the window and noticing what you can see. Just a few minutes everyday will do wonders for your stress levels - give it a try:-) 
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