A splash of water! 

The idea of these stress tips that I've been sharing is that some of them involve some work to use them effectively. Mindfulness exercises, yoga etc need to be done over a certain amount of time before you feel the true benefit for example, whereas some ideas are very quick simple fixes. These quick simple tips won't cure everything overnight, but they are useful in our fight against becoming overwhelmed by stress and the situations and challenges we find ourselves facing. Sometimes, when facing a difficult situation, rational thining goes out of the window as we act defensively and instinctively - how often, after the event, have you realised that you didn't act in the most productive way? 
So, splashing your face with water....This is a great little thing you can do stop yourself in your tracks and give your mind a little kick and a reminder to think more realistically. It is almost like a wake up call for your mind. If you imagine you are walking along the street and someone threw a bucket of water over you. The first thing you would probably do is freeze in shock, processing furiously what has happened, before taking action. Doing it to yourself (and I'm talking about splashing your face and not dowsing yourself in water!) gives you that same initial shock. But because you have done it to yourself, instead of the next step being trying to mete out punishment to the person who did it, as you dry your face you can metaphorically shake yourself and realise that you have the opportunity to not react in the way you were going to and instead, think of a more productive way of behaving. 
So, the next time you are in stressful or challenging situation and you feel like everything is against you and are starting to feel the effects of stress, fill a bowl with water and splash it all over your face! 
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