Just a quick tip today on how laughing can help you decrease your stress levels. It can be very difficult to laugh when faced with a challenging situation, but research has shown that laughter is very good for reducing stress. Cortisol is our main stress hormone which circulates around the body when we are stressed. Laughter can decrease the levels of Cortisol in your body by increasing your intake of oxygen and stimulating circulation throughout the body. Laughing also increases the production of endorphins in our body and these are the chemicals which help boosting happiness levels, promoting a positive mood. 
It doesn't matter whether it is watching a funny film, watching your favourite comedian, remembering something funny that happened to you or even just laughing for the sake of it - it all does you good. Laughter is contagious. Have you ever seen someone laughing but you are not sure why, nevertheless you can't help joining in? If my wife starts to tell of something that has happened that is funny, she starts laughing and laughing, so much so that she can't get the story out! Whenever this happens I can guarantee that everyone present will start laughing too, even before they have heard what the story actually is. Guess what? We all feel really good after that laugh. There is a reason that comedians are a popular form of entertainment. People know instinctively that it is good to laugh, it brings people together and makes life a little better for a while. Sure, it won't cure all the world's problems but I'm convinced that the world would be a much better place if we spend more time laughing! 
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