Cause & Effect 

Back on day 6 of these stress tips I talked about Cause and Effect, but I thought it might be worthwhile to re-visit this so important concept a few months more into the covid crisis. 
For the unititated, there are two ways to live your life - on the cause or effect side of the equation. If you live your life on the effect side of the equation, then generally, everything that happens in your life is seen as being caused by outside influences of which you have little control. Everything is someone else's fault and it is up to them to sort it out. On the cause side of the equation you are in control of your destiny as you take responsibility for the direction that your life takes and deal with problems that you face yourself. This is obviously the best way to live your life. 
As well as running stress and resilience workshops, I am also an entertainer, working predominantly in the corporate market at awards events, conferences and suchlike. Obviously, when Covid hit, all of my work (along with all my friends in the entertainment business) went out of the window as cruise ships and events were cancelled and the diary was emptied virtually overnight. 
If I had been on the effect side of the equation, my thoughts would probably have been - look at what's been done to me. Who is going to pay my bills while this is going on - I can't do anything about it, I'll just have to wait and see what happens and if necessary do a different job to tide me over until we get back to normal. In fact, I know quite a few entertainers who have taken exactly this approach. 
However, living on the cause side of the equation, my response was "Ok, I can't do what I used to do - how can I adapt my skills and use them to create something which will work in this new environment?" After all - we are meant to be creative people, so we should be creative in our thinking! So, I created an online virtual mindreading show (that you can find out about here) as well as taking my stress and resilience workshops online. 
Although there was a fairly steep learning curve with new equipment and software to cope with, I have really enjoyed the challenge and now love doing my online shows and workshops. I know I'm not unique and there are many poeple who have adapted to the new "normal" and equally I realise that for some it is more of a challenge than for others. But this is a great example of the advantages of living life on the cause side of the equation and applies to all problems we have in life, whether it be redundancy, problems in relationships, financial hardships and more. 
Watch the video above to find out the two questions you should ask yourself when faced with any challenging situation... 
Getting your head around this concept is one of the best ways to help manage your stress - and if you truly embrace it, you are unlikely to get stressed about anything in the future, no matter the cause. 
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