You know when you have a toothache or an earache and you are like a bear with a sore head? Every little thing winds you up and you snap at everyone for the slightest reason. This is a good example of how our mood is affected by when we are not feeling at our best. It follows on that the fitter we are, the more likely we are to be able to throw off the small things which have the potential to upset us and cause stress. 

What sort of exercise? 

In terms of getting fit, I would recommend anything you can enjoy. Obviously during this time of Covid lockdown we are restricted to a certain extent because we can't go to the gym, but there are plenty of fitness videos online that are great fun and can be used.  
When you are exercising, try to do it "mindfully". What I mean by that is be fully focussed on the moment, enjoying the exercise for what it is, being fully present. It is very easy when doing exercise, especially one in which you don't have to think too much (running, walking etc) to do the exercise with your mind going over all the problems and worries that you are facing and although it will still be a good workout for your body, it doesn't do anything for your mind. By being fully present and being acutely aware of the "here and now" you will give your mind a break from the thousands of thoughts that normally occupy it and this is very good for stress. I always advocate trying to do something "mindfully" each day (something I'll explore in another blog), but for now, make it your exercise time. If you normally go to the gym or swimming, don't spend the time exercising wishing you were doing your normal routine. Instead, appreciate and enjoy what you are doing now and you will finish in a much better state both mentally and physically. 
Must go now - off to do my exercise for the day! 
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