Talking to someone 

It seems a little simplistic to say it- but talking helps! One of the biggest problems with stress is that we tend to keep it to ourselves. We are worried about something but instead of telling someone else, we run the problem over and over in our head, often making it much bigger than it is. Then, other problems or worries are added to it and before we know it we are heading for a major breadown! They say "a problem shared is a problem halved" and that very well may be true. It helps to get an outside perspective on what you are going through and what you are feeling. It may be that you are making a judgement about what someone has said or done which is based on your experiences, and someone else may have a completely different take on the situation and help you to see it in a different light. Even if they agree with your take, they may be able to give you a solution which you have not considered. 
If someone has upset you, why not talk to them about it? It could be a simple misunderstanding. I understand that this could be a difficult conversation (something I'll be covering in another blog), it is still worth doing - usually by getting your thoughts and feeling off your chest you will feel better.  
If you find it difficult to talk to a family member or friend, or you don't want to burden them, then why not try the Samaritans? This is a great organisation and are available 24 hours a day you can check out their website here or ring them on 116 123. 
It's good to talk... 
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