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There is a well known phrase, "Giver's Gain" and while this is often talked about in regard to networking and business (in fact it is the motto of the most sucessful networking group BNI), it is also one that should be adopted by everyone, in every aspect of their life. Firstly from a selfish point of view - what you give out tends to come back threefold - in other words, if you help others, they will help you. But also from a philanthropic point of view, it is nice to help other people! It gives you a warm glow inside, knowing that you have done something good. It also reminds us that there are others not as fortunate as us - no matter how down on our luck we are, there is always someone worse off. It can also make us appreciate what we do have. But there is another reason why it is great to help others if you are facing challenging times and feeling stressed... 
You see, when you are thinking about someone else, you are not thinking about yourself and your problems, worries and stress. Because of this, helping others can be great for reducing your stress levels. Just a small word of warning - helping others doesn't mean taking on their burdens and problems on your shoulders. This could raise your stress levels higher as you would be worrying about them as well as yourself. So you need to do the best for someone else, but realise that there is only so much you can do and not take on their concerns. 
You may have some skills that you can help other people with or it could be something as simple as helping an elderly neighbour with their shopping. The point is that by looking out for ways in which you can help others will help you, your stress levels and the world in general. 
Be nice, help others and pay it forwards :-) 
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