What is resilient leadership and why is it so important right now? 

Becoming a resilient leader will eventually enable you to calm office anxiety, motivate a productive workforce and clear away confusion, at the same time ensuring you are looking after your own physical health and mental wellbeing, as well as being able to sustain your leadership style over a consistent period of time. 
This is not an ultimate destination on your career goals, this is a continuous professional development plan and can be achieved by anyone who is willing to make the personal investment in their own growth and development. 
A short summary: what is resilience? 
Resilience can be within an individual and seen from two aspects: 
Physical resilience – an ability to adapt to your surroundings and the challenges it presents and to recover quickly. 
Emotional resilience - an individual’s ability to tap into optimism, even when under immense stress. 
But is also seen within a community, this could also be a team or group of workers – you will see this when there has been a natural disaster or high levels of economic hardship, the community pulls together to overcome the adversity. 

How to become a resilient leader? 

Resilience is made up of 5 pillars, if you recognise these you are on the way to becoming a resilient leader. 
• Self-awareness 
• Mindfulness 
• Self-Care 
• Positive relationships 
• Purpose 
How can you tell if you are a resilient leader? 
• You will be an effective communicator; your team will know what you want from them and that will be demonstrated through the ease in which they deliver results on time and with little need for your intervention 
• You will be mentoring and developing members of your team. 
• You will have a can do/positive approach. 
• Your approach to risk will always be calculated and well thought through. 
• You create an open safe environment and encourage feedback from your team and colleagues. 
• Your nature is to be able to adapt quickly and calmly to changes around you. 
• You are an empath. 
Examples of Resilient Leadership 
Here is an excellent example of resilient leadership from the Local Government Association website site, workforce blog section, where Jim McManus, Director of Public Health at Herts County Council and Vice President of the Association of Directors of Public Health describes resilient leadership at the beginning of the pandemic and the previous experiences he’s drawn upon. 
He clearly describes attributes needed, prior experiences, remembering why you do what you do, thinking of others and looking out for you, all of the 5 pillars set out earlier. 
His closing sentence sums resilient leadership well: “The better able you are to stay the course, the better we will be when this is over." 
You can read what Jim said here 
For more information on how to equip the leaders in your business click here 
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