Improving your approach to a mindful working life, will improve your staff’s physical health, as well as their mental wellbeing and reduce absenteeism. 
The challenge can often be where to start! 
Work can be one of the places where stress levels are the most impactful, as so much of the things that are happening around you are out of your control. 
There are very few employers who really do understand the impact of stress on the work force but do recognize the cost of absenteeism. This can be traced back to health issues, which can often have their root cause associated with increased levels of stress. 
Recent research shows a rise in cost to UK businesses through absenteeism. 
A new study by Westfield Health, the insurance and wellbeing solutions provider found that the cost of absenteeism cost UK businesses £14million in 2020. 
This is an increase of £1.9m from the previous year. 
Focusing on your team’s wellbeing is an investment in your bottom line and having a strategy that includes tackling stress in the workplace is now an essential part of any H R Managers tool kit. 
Find out how our 3 interactive workshops can kick start your program and provide your teams with tools to tackle stress and build resilience. 
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