4th-8th November 2019 – what is your company doing for it? 
This year the theme for Stress Awareness Week is… 
Resilience – The Power to Succeed! 
According to the dictionary, the definition of resilience is the ability to withstand shock, suffering, disappointment etc. However, I think there is a lot more to it than that – I think resilience includes the ability to bounce back after a set back, the need for adaptability and sometimes calm acceptance of the inevitable. It is as relevant for the soldier having to go out on patrol the day after half of his platoon have been killed as it is for the mother getting up for the 13th time in a night to her baby and the salesman making his 20th phone call of the day when the first 19 have resulted in a “no”. 
The interesting thing is that a lot of the techniques designed to prevent and deal with stress also help to build resilience. 
So what better way to acknowledge Stress Awareness Week than running a  
1 or 2 hour stress and resilience workshop at your workplace? 
The workshops are practical, interactive and fun using a combination of mindfulness and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques to give everyone all the tools they need to prevent stress and build resilience. The workshops are suitable for groups of up to 30 people at a time and every attendee goes away with comprehensive notes, as well as some audio tracks so that they can practice the exercises in the comfort of their own homes. 
To find out more about the content of the workshops, click here: 1 hour workshop, 2 hour workshop. This is bound to be busy week, so get in touch as soon as possible to book your session! 
You can find out more about Stress Awareness Week here
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