It seems that resilience is a bit of a “buzz” word these days and with more and more companies looking to build a resilience workforce, I thought it would be interesting to explore the differences between it and stress. 

Stress is seen as negative 

Quite often stress is seen as a negative product of industry – no company wants to admit that they have a stressful environment! Consequently, preventing stress and dealing with it is sometimes seen as something that should be talked about as little as possible. Because of this, many companies ignore the effects of stress on their workforce and are reluctant to do anything about it. 

Resilience is seen as positive 

On the other hand, companies seem to be proud to announce that they have a resilient workforce and see it as an attribute to aspire to.. 

Stress v Resilience 

First we should define what stress and resilience are: the best definition I have heard of stress is “Stress is what happens when something you care about is at stake”. Resilience can best be described as the ability to bounce back after facing adversity – tragedy, trauma, health problems, family and relationship problems or workplace or financial difficulties and more. 
So, resilience is what makes a soldier in a war torn country go back on patrol the day after his colleagues were injured in an attack. Equally though, it is what makes the salesman make his 20th phone call of the day after getting 19 “no’s”.  
Therefore, resilience is often what we need to bring us back to functioning fully after experiencing stress. 
It is worthwhile to provide a workforce with the training to prevent the build up of stress, but also to build resilience so that they can “bounce back” from it when it does occur. 

Great News! 

The good news is that many of the techniques and exercises which are used to prevent and deal with stress, (particularly Mindfulness and Neuro Linguistic Programming) are brilliant for building resilience! That is why at Stress Boffin we also include resilience building in our stress workshops. We have also added some extra techniques and ideas to share with the attendees such as goal setting and journalling for resilience. 
We are also more than happy to add extra elements to deal with any specific challenges your company may face – ensuring that the attendees get the maximum out of the workshops. 
For more details please check out the various pages on the website or get in touch to discuss your particular requirements and start building a stress free, resilient workforce today! 
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