Continuing my series of articles on stress, I thought it might be useful to list some of the factors that commonly cause work related stress: 
Long hours 
Heavy workload 
Changes within the organisation 
Tight deadlines 
Changes to duties 
Job insecurity 
Lack of autonomy 
Boring work 
Insufficient skills for the job 
Inadequate working environment 
Lack of proper resources 
Lack of equipment 
Few promotional opportunities 
Poor relationships with colleagues or bosses 
Crisis incidents, such as an armed hold-up or workplace death. 
How many of these are present in your workplace? 
Now obviously not all of these are going to be present and some of them may be hard to do anything about from a HR point of view. However, this is only a short list of some of the potential stressors at work - and this is without thinking about all of the factors that cause home related stress, which will also affect the workforce. Some of those causes of stress outside work could include: 
Financial worries 
Elderly or ill relatives 
Noisy Neighbours 
Relationship problems 
Ill health 
and much more. 
It is even more difficult to help your workforce with these stressors as they are completely out of your control. But they will impact on your employees effectiveness and productivity at work. 
A phone number or someone to talk to if you are feeling stressed can be useful but it is a bit like shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted - what they really need is some techniques to allow them to manage the stressful situations in their life, allowing them to be able to cope, no matter what happens. 
At Stress Boffin, we believe in the proactive approach to stress, running workshops at your offices giving everyone the techniques and exercises to manage any type of stress, whether that stems from home or work. 
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