While NLP has brilliant techniques for reducing stress, it is also really useful in business for enhancing communication skills, achieving goals and more. However, not everything is going to go your way and this is where resilience training comes in useful - the ability to push on or bounce back is a valuable one. Alex has had many setbacks in his career but each time he has dusted himself off, learnt the lessons and got “back on the horse”. 
Alex is passionate about helping people to become resilient and achieve their goals. 
He truly believes that people can have the life they want if they go about it the right way. The half day training is delivered at your workplace and is a fun interactive session using Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques, Psychology and more to give the attendees the skills they need to succeed. Amongst the techniques shared are building rapport, memory techniques, reading body language, developing sensory acuity, setting goals, eliminating negative self talk, fear of failure and getting out of the comfort zone. With quite a few of the exercises the attendees will practice on each other so that they get a real feeling of how powerful these techniques are. As a result, this training is not suitable for virtual delivery but is an in person training only. 
Some of the practical techniques experienced on the half day 
Rapport building 
Predicates in communication 
The wheel of life 
Gaining a growth mindset 
Included in the workshop programme 
Eliminating negative self-talk 
Effective goal setting 
Memory techniques 
Reading body language 
Developing sensory acuity 
The requirements for the day 
Up to 30 attendees for the live training 
(talk to us about numbers for the virtual training) 
A quiet room with chairs for the attendees 
Access to screen or projector 
Flip chart 
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