Is there a minimum number required for the workshop? 
No - the group can be as small as you like 
Can you run the workshop for more than 30 people? 
If it is not possible to split the audience into smaller groups, then I can provide a presentation which is suitable for any size and still has elements of audience participation (see conference speaking page for more information) 
Can you run the workshop remotely (via zoom for example) 
Absolutely! The workshops are regularly run over zoom and work very well. Check out the online workshop page here 
Can the workshop be run over lunchtime? 
Yes, I have run the workshop during lunch on many occasions with great success, the only stipulation is that the attendees stop eating when trying the exercises - it is very hard to concentrate on a mindful breathing exercise when someone is munching in your ear! 
Do the attendees need to bring anything with them to the workshop? 
No, everything required for the workshop is supplied - each attendee is given comprehensive notes so there is no need to write anything down. 
Can you run the workshops in our offices or do we need to find a different venue? 
Most of my workshops are run in company offices (or online) - all we need is a room large enough to hold the attendees, something to plug the laptop into (projector or TV) and a flipchart 

Mindful Breathing MP3 

Here is a free mindful breathing exercise for you.  It is only a few minutes long but is great for easing and preventing stress.  Try to commit to using it every day. 

Magazine articles about Stress 

From time to time, magazines ask me to write articles for them about stress in all its forms and for various reasons and themes.  
Here then, are some of them, along with links to the original websites where the articles appear. 


Optima Magazine December 2018 

Salon Stress 

Here is an article published December 2018 about stress in beauty salons: 
If you are involved in putting together a magazine, blog or podcast and would like a contribution, please do get in touch.  
I love putting together tips, tricks and thoughts on preventing and dealing with stress. I especially enjoy tailoring it towards the particular problems of a profession, hobby, time of year etc. 

PR Enquiries 

Please contact Alex for more information 
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