What are the signs of stress at work? 
Stress at work can be identified in a variety of ways, but the most obvious is a reduction in productivity levels and this will have a direct impact on the profit of the business. 
Here is a list of some of the ways to identify stress in the workplace: 
Reduced productivity 
A lack of motivation 
Sales in decline 
Disputes between work colleagues 
In extreme circumstances there may have been a traumatic event within the team, like a death or life-threatening illness. 
What are the benefits of the training courses? 
The biggest benefit of training the team in identifying stress and building resilience, will be improved productivity levels. Attendees will be able to understand the signs of stress, have clear practical strategies and techniques to reduce the impact of stress and post the NLP/Communications training, the teams will see improvement in their working relationships having carried out exercises on building rapport, reading body language and eliminating negative self-talk, to name only a few. 
What qualifications do you have to deliver wellbeing training? 
I am a qualified Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Timeline Therapy and Hypnotherapy; this gives me the ability to guide groups (or individuals) into taking action to becoming the people they want be. 
I am also a Mindreader and entertainer, so my training courses are delivered from a platform of understanding how to keep an audience engaged using some of the skills I use in the entertainment industry. 
Where do you hold the training sessions? 
Our training sessions are delivered in your workplace, making it easy and practical to bring members of the team off the floor for the half day sessions. all we need is a room large enough to hold the attendees, something to plug the laptop into (projector or TV) and a flipchart. 
What size of business benefits from this training format? 
Any business with more than 30 employees can benefit from this training, The sizes of companies the training has been used in varies from small to medium sized companies to large corporates. 
How many can attend the training sessions? 
The Wellbeing Training and Communication and Building Resilience Training ½ day sessions are most suitable for up to 30 people in a room, but there is no minimum size of group. 
Can you host the training online? 
The Wellbeing ½ day training can be delivered on-line, but the Communications & Building Resilience ½ day training is only suitable to be delivered in the workplace, there are practical sessions that require the attendees to be in the room to get the maximum benefit from the course. 
The shortened workshop’s part one and two can also be delivered online, please contact us to find out how we can make this work for your business. 
Do the attendees need to bring anything to the training? 
No, everything required for the workshop is supplied - each attendee is given comprehensive notes so there is no need to write anything down. 
How much does the training cost? 
Our training courses are bookable in half-day sessions: 
Half Day Wellbeing training – Exploring the causes of stress and learning techniques with interactive exercises to help combat stress and build resilience (contact us now to get a quote within minutes). 
Half Day Communications and Building Resilience Training – Using proven NLP techniques and Time Line Therapy this training will motivate your workforce, making them more productive, creative and focused (contact us now to get a quote within minutes). 
We also offer this training in bite size workshops at a reduced rate– contact us to find out how we can shape this training to work around your business needs (contact us now to get a quote within minutes). 
What if there are follow up questions post the training? 
Post training, the attendees can contact us via email with any questions they may have, all attendees are given comprehensive notes to take away with them at the end of the training course for reference. 
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