All the exercises and techniques taught in our workshops are designed to be practiced easily and simply at home or whenever you are feeling stressed. On this page I share a few of the exercises that you can try out now. 


Meditation is great for lowering your stress levels. Many yoga classes include some meditation in them but you can also just practice at home whenever you have a few spare minutes.  
Some people find it difficult to just sit and think of nothing and find their minds wandering, fidgeting and worrying about how much longer they have to do it for. A guided meditation is a great option where you listen to someone taking you on an imaginary journey (usually to a forest or beach) with sounds to help transport you away from your troubles. There are plenty of free guided meditations on the internet but here is a very simple one that I run in my workshops that you can try. 


This is very popular at the moment, although it has been practiced for hundreds of years. Most of the current practices are based on the buddhist tradition. Essentially Mindfulness is about becoming aware of the here and now. Learning to ignore the destructive thought patterns which permeate our every waking moment. It is increasingly being used in the health service and education and is starting to be used in business environments too. It is particularly good for dealing with anxiety, stress, depression, as well as enhancing productivity and creativity. It is also brilliant at building resilience. Here I have created a mindful breathing exercise that is one of many mindfulness exercises we cover in the workshops. This short ( 6 minute) exercise is best practiced daily. 

Mindful Walking 

Just going for a walk in the country can do wonders for your stress levels, but walking mindfully is even better. Quite often, especially when we are under stress our minds constantly drift over to our current worries, often catastrophying and second guessing. Walking mindfully is a great exercise that encourages you to be fully present in the moment. So whilst walking, set a timer on your phone for five minutes and walk along just being totaly aware of all the sensations of the walk - what you can see, smell, hear. First of all you will notice that you slow down and then you will begin to become aware of all the sights, sounds and smells that you had ignored previously. At some point you will realise that for the past few minutes your mind has drifted to thinking about other things, worries, concerns, the past or future. When this happens, just simply bring your mind back to thinking about the walk. This exercise is great for helping with stress and the more you practice it, the more you become aware of how many times in the day your mind drifts and you are not truly present. 

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